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‘Shared joy is double joy; shared sorrow is half sorrow' (Dutch proverb)

Relationships are about caring and sharing; they give meaning to our lives, it is what being human is about. We learned to care and share from the environment in which we grew up and each of us has their own way of relating to others. Sometimes our behaviours become incompatible and something needs to change.


Most of us will at some point need to come to terms with a relationship that ends; a friend who moves home, maybe even to a different country, a partner who decides to leave you or it might be you wanting to leave a relationship. Some relationships come to a natural end; partners realise their relationship is no longer what it was and it is time for each of them to go their own way. And even if a split is ‘amicable’ one still needs to come to terms with the loss of what the relationship meant to you, let alone when a relationship becomes rocky or includes domestic violence and abuse.

Relationship issues #01


Strong emotions interfere with effective communication. Talking in a confidential environment, having a closer look at what is going on for you through taking a step back, may help you gain clarity. It can avoid future regrets resulting from what was said in the heat of the moment and decisions made without allowing the time for emotions to settle. This is where counselling may help you.

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