Hans Meijer BACP Accredited Counsellor / Psychotherapist Oxfordshire OX11


Hans is highly competent, kind and patient and this clearly sets him apart within an industry that to the layperson is highly fragmented and bewildering. Hans has transformed my life. Rather than getting depressed I have learnt how to listen to my emotions and lead a more fulfilling life. I cannot thank and recommend Hans highly enough.

Hans is patient, welcoming and kind and made me feel very much at ease, and that real change was possible right from the start. I looked forward to my weekly sessions so much. It was a calm place when things were overwhelming at times, and session by session Hans enabled me to make sense of everything I was thinking, feeling and experiencing, to embrace it and ultimately set me free to guide myself through my life. Each session was a gift and taught me so much. My approach to life has changed, and I finished our sessions feeling free and optimistic for the future – knowing that I could handle whatever it presents and knowing I will thrive. I can’t thank Hans enough.

Hans is an intelligent and a gentle person with a lot of common sense and a great sense of humour. He provides a friendly and calm atmosphere during his sessions. He seems more like a friend than a counsellor but he keeps being objective. Hans has an ability to show you alternative ways of thinking and is not afraid of asking difficult questions. He really cares. I highly recommend him!

As a therapist Hans has a unique ability to see through the surface issues and spot the real issue which was lurking in the background all along. More times than not I would leave his sessions with a feeling of elation that he had managed to identify a new strand of looking at things and thus help me move forward. I don't know how he does it, but it speaks to his profound skills of assessment which is a priceless quality in a therapist. I could not recommend his services more highly.

With Hans’ extremely professional help, I have managed to pull myself together even though I thought there is absolutely no way out. He has always been compassionate and helped me understand how to see things differently which has resulted in noticeable changes in how I felt about myself.
Hans’s clarity of approach and personal warmth have given me confidence and strength to overcome the fears I felt were incurable all my life.

It's been an eye opening journey, one I wouldn't have anticipated. You helped me to see.

I approached the sessions at first with some apprehension, but Hans had a way of making me feel at ease. It was his combination of professionalism and relaxed personable approach that helped me relax and slowly open up on the personal issues that I needed to work through. As the sessions went along I found myself looking forward to them more and more and was surprised how often I left in a very pensive state having gleaned some insight into my life I had never seen before or thought of in the way Hans helped me to. Gradually I felt a weight was lifting off my shoulders and I could see myself moving forward. By the time my sessions were coming to an end I felt I was able to close one chapter in my life and begin another. I am very grateful to Hans for all his help and support and would not hesitate to recommend him.

Coming to these sessions has been an amazing experience for me. Sometimes I didn't feel like talking or felt I had nothing to say, but after the session I would realise there was always something that would emerge that would be quite profound and really make me turn my head and think about things in a different light.
The best thing is.....I have my life back...

Hans' work with me was instrumental in helping me through a difficult period of my life. As well as providing a safe, non-judgemental environment, I found Hans highly skilled at perceiving the core problems and issues under my words and was able to suggest useful ways forward once these had been identified. I often experienced the feeling of 'a penny dropping' when in sessions with Hans and when I left sessions I often hurried to write down points he had made. I have been to a number of counsellors previously and believe Hans to be a particularly talented and gifted one. The biggest proof of his work with me was noticing changes in myself - particularly in the way I was thinking. Some of these changes happened so naturally I wasn't even aware a change had occurred until it was pointed out how different my reactions were to those of previous months. Friends and family also commented on improvements in me. I am really grateful I met Hans and hope his ideas and comments stay with me for years to come.

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