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bereavement counselling

Grief and loss in bereavement

Experiencing bereavement counselling is what inspired me to train as a Person-centred counsellor.

I lost my mum several years ago, for me this experience was devastating, it was not only the thought of never seeing her again; it was the feeling of not being in control of my own emotions, a scary experience. One, which I realised,developed into depression; I had never had counselling before, however, I knew I would not be able to recover on my own.

I am aware we cope with grief in different ways. I think this can depend on the individual and the way they cope with life changing events.

I chose to explore my loss because it was having negative effects on my mental health, for others this may not be the case or maybe they do not recognise what is happening to them, choose to ignore the signs or simply feel out of sorts within themselves.

Whatever the symptoms, I do not think there is an easy way to 'get over' losing someone. The emptiness maybe too much to bear and reminders of the person may occur which in itself is hard to cope with and you may feel unable to share your thoughts with family members for whatever reasons.

I offer a confidential space, being fully listened to without judgement can be a rare experience, this is your space for you to share what is important to you in your own time and at your own pace.

Therapy may seem to be a mysterious world to enter. Making contact may feel like a big step, that is why our first session is always set up to talk about your expectations of counselling, and to provide an opportunity for you to ask anything you need to so that you can feel safe and secure in what lies ahead for you


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